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Name:Sync the Tempest
This Destiny is not a song that can be rewritten
Notes rising like suns and falling like stars

RP Journal for Sync the Tempest, as played by [personal profile] alory_shannon

Interests (44):

bang you're dead, being an insufferable bastard, being faster than everyone, being faster than you, being unsalvageable, causing pain, curse slots, daathic fonic artes, destruction, emptiness, fighting those losers, fomicry, fonic artes, hating everyone, hating everything, hating myself, hitting where it hurts, i regret nothing, impersonating ion, kicking puppies, killing for fun, laughing at others' pain, lightning artes, lying just because, martial arts, masks, mindfuckery, mystic artes, nihilism, perfecting my sneer, rain, rending the score, replicas, sadism, sarcasm, smirking way too much, snarking, sowing discord, stealing things, taking out the 'trash', thunderstorms, tormenting others, toying with peoples' feelings, van grants
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