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i_of_the_storm: ("You'll not change me!")
  • "You'll not change me!"
Comment: "I stand resolved! I'm tired of this world! Everyone can die along with it!" {azuraveedragon}
i_of_the_storm: (And oh how the mighty have fallen.)
  • And oh how the mighty have fallen.
Comment: Whenever I see you, I see fire. {?}
i_of_the_storm: (And so the storm fades.)
  • And so the storm fades.
Comment: You will die alone, unmourned. And no one will ever understand. {bondofflame}
i_of_the_storm: (Helplessness; despair; heartsick anger.)
  • Helplessness; despair; heartsick anger.
Comment: Don't say I never gave you anything. {azuraveedragon}
i_of_the_storm: (I feel nothing.)
  • I feel nothing.
Comment: Not for you, not for myself. {fleuret}
i_of_the_storm: (I have a Score to settle.)
  • I have a Score to settle.
Comment: I forsee pain, despair, and death. {mysticarte @ fonobi}
i_of_the_storm: (I'll show you no weakness.)
  • I'll show you no weakness.
Comment: Everything soft must be cast away, every sign of fragility destroyed. {azuraveedragon}
i_of_the_storm: (Shadows & darkness to spare.)
  • Shadows & darkness to spare.
Comment: And more than willing to share them. Now you can face my demons. {azuraveedragon}
i_of_the_storm: (Someday my Fate will catch up to me.)
  • Someday my Fate will catch up to me.
Comment: And then there will be no end to how far I will fall. {nametag}
i_of_the_storm: (Something wicked...) (Default)
  • Something wicked...
Comment: You know how it goes. So finish it. {inquisitory}
i_of_the_storm: (Striking faster than lightning.)
  • Striking faster than lightning.
Comment: I'll steal your thunder, and rain down pain on your pathetic little group. {azuraveedragon}
i_of_the_storm: (The arsenic coats my tongue.)
  • The arsenic coats my tongue.
Comment: The poison drips in your ears. These words will be the death of us. {jaki_ryuujin
i_of_the_storm: (The heart of every storm is a void.)
  • The heart of every storm is a void.
Comment: My title is fitting. {plaids @ aspalas}
i_of_the_storm: (Those empty words change nothing.)
  • Those empty words change nothing.
Comment: They don't fill me with anything but loathing, a cup already overflowing. {pimped_keuu}
i_of_the_storm: (You really are an idiot aren't you.)
  • You really are an idiot aren't you.
Comment: Born a fool, you will die a fool. {schwann}